Afif Nurkholis


Informatics Engineering

Information and Internet, Research Methods, multithreaded and multiuser


Information is one of the major public needs in today's modern era. Was
necessary to obtain information, disseminated and exchanged between the parties with
each other party to meet the needs of human life. Today humans have easily obtain the
desired information through multiple media, one of which is that Internet is a result of
advances in information technology continues to evolve. SMA N 1 Ulujami Pemalang is
one of the schools that continue to follow the development of the Internet as one of
support for teaching and learning activities and information media.
The background of my research in SMA N 1 Ulujami Pemalang seeing any
problems that occur, where the information conveyed in the community was not efficient
because it still uses brochures, and word of mouth. So if there is a website site at SMA N
1 Ulujami Pemalang expected to be widely spread information and increase the number
of new students, school performance, effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out learning
activities, as well as SMA N 1 Ulujami Pemalang can evolve according to changing times.
In addition, the intent of this program is to facilitate teachers, parents, students, and the
general public to access and obtain school information.
The research method used method of data collection interviews were conducted
by questioning or interview with the officer or agency head of the school that can provide
complete information on matters relating to SMA N 1 Ulujami Pemalang, and observation
methods of data collection with the observation that directly in SMA N 1 Ulujami
Pemalang to obtain precise and accurate information.
This website will be created using php and ajax as scripts and MySql as the
database program. Php is a scripting programming language is powerful and most widely
used today. Ajax is a web-based programming technique for creating interactive web
applications. Adobe Photoshop CS3 is used to design drawings or photos of the
necessary. While the software itself is a MySql database management system or DBMS
is multithreaded, multiuser.